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Computer Outage Alert!!!

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration grounded all domestic flights Wednesday morning (Jan 11,
2023) after suffering a nationwide technical outage, the first time since the September 11th attacks.

On “Mornings with Maria,” FOX Business White House correspondent Edward Lawrence was in Mexico
City, waiting to board a flight to Dallas that’s now delayed “indefinitely.”

“We talked to the pilot. We did get on the plane, and we were sitting in our seats and then ended up
getting off the plane because, they, for security reasons, they wanted us in the airport,” Lawrence
reported. “The pilot told me that all American flights internationally are not going anywhere and they
have no indication as to when that will change.”

“In talking to the pilots,” he continued, “they said they’ve never seen this kind of ground stop with this
kind of issue.

Reasons why hackers might target law firms

Here’s what can happen if you don’t keep up with the latest storage technology.

Email scams are becoming more and more common as people become increasingly reliant on email for communication

Are you secured with Incognito?
Most people browsing the Internet think they are safe when they are using Incognito. The truth is stealth mode is not as secret as it was thought, when you are closing the Incognito tab they are just removing cache, cookies, and history. It also transmits data like Locations, IP Addresses, etc it is the same with a regular browser.
Do you want to secure your device while you are surfing on the Internet? You can send us a message to get more information.
Beefing up your password security is a hard nut to crack. But tools such as a password manager or multi-factor authentication are more than handy to reinforce password security.
Pro-tip: Change your passwords at least once after every 60 to 90 days.

Should we think we will have stronger security by changing passwords every 90 days? Maybe by
following this rule can reduce the risks minimally but at great cost.
Are you doing the same?