[heading_title_subtitle title=”TECH TIPS” subtitle=”N-Medtech tips to defend your digital assets against hackers.” title_color=”light_title” border_color=”light_border” subtitle_color=”light_subtitle”]

Information security is everyone’s obligation. It’s actually a shared responsibility we all need to adopt now.

So, always take a break, think twice before you connect, share, and receive something digitally. Don’t take it for granted!

Are you secured with Incognito?

Most people browsing the Internet think they are safe when they are using Incognito. The truth is stealth mode is not as secret as it was thought, when you are closing the Incognito tab they are just removing cache, cookies, and history. It also transmits data like Locations, IP Addresses, etc it is the same with a regular browser.

Do you want to secure your device while you are surfing on the Internet? You can send us a message to get more information.


When was the last time you changed your passwords? Any guesses

Well, many of us don’t remember and overlook it, making it easy for hackers to hack our important details. We can’t STOP HACKERS, but we can prevent them by changing passwords after some time.
Yes, it will make it difficult for them to access your systems and ultimately data breaches and cyberattacks in the future!