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We know what you are LOOKING FOR.

“A compatible and extensive network of individuals at your service with immediate support and backing.”

Welcome to N-MEDTECH, where our professional IT service team members are specially trained under effective circumstances to handle complex and sudden problems. We provide an insight to understand everything about your company’s tech environment and challenges. We aim to build a sustainable and strong strategy that will be easily accessible to prevent cyber threats and other IT issues.

  • Whatever industry you’re in, we back you completely with Synoptek’s Industry Knowledge.
  • Expertise in business processes and applications specific to these industries.
  • 2 decades of experience in core industries like Information Technology & Infrastructure.
  • We serve your niche with compatible results.

You can count on us and be completely free to work. We lend support and empower your company and employees in the right direction through our support.

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24/7 support

You can contact us in business hours by phone, email, or live chat.


100% Satisfaction

We have high standards. We won’t stop until we meet your expectations.


Customized solutions

Our team will find the best solutions for your company.



Thanks to cloud computing we can host several applications from the leading software and storage providers.


Booking system

Book appointments with us to find solutions or troubleshoot.



We will aid with troubleshooting.
We can assist remotely.


Find below some of our services. *This may vary depending on your plan.

Is there onsite support?

Onsite support can be requested for an additional fee when a technician is needed for issues that cannot be resolved remotely. We can offer a customized solution to adjust to the needs of your company.

How can I contact technical support?

There are three different ways:
1- Call our company phone number. Tlf: + 1 408 290 0980
2- Book an appointment with us. Go to “Contact us” section.
3- Use the website live chat to talk to an agent. *We may disable the chat for maintenance purposes.