Cyber Attacks and 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic

This COVID 19 Pandemic has brought not one but many challenges to the whole world. One of those challenges is cyber-attack. Today, most businesses are at a stake in getting exposed to cyber risks, no matter what industry they’re serving. Information technology has come a long way yet businesses are threatened by scams and phishing attacks.

Technology has given leverage to cybercriminals to attack delicate and sensitive data of high-end companies. You take the manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and other sectors, these all sectors are vital to the development and efficient working of the process. But, how do we assure that these attacks will not grow and what is the right way to safeguard them?

At N-MEDTECH, we are currently assisting diverse businesses in battling cyber-attacks and securing their network. We are getting a great response in return and today we would like to share a few tips to secure your business during the pandemic.

  • Building Robust Cyber Security System
  • This is the most common tip that people or agencies like us advise to our clients. But, the reason for mentioning it at the top is that it remains the most avoidable tip. Companies do spend a lot in stabilizing their external infrastructure but forgets to build the internal one. It is extremely disappointing to see big firms losing crucial data because of their negligence towards a robust cybersecurity system.

  • Protect your Digital Identity
  • Everything is going digital. From large firms to small businesses, you find everyone getting digitized. This is indeed the right thing, and a profitable step in the present times. But, it calls out for equal safety measures too. Use biometric authentication, strong passwords, and enable multi-factor authentication (MFA). We highly recommend this to you. It won’t take much time.

  • Device Encryption
  • There is no harm in becoming extra smart and here is a very interesting tip. When we use device encryption, one of the best things about it is that it turns on and restricts unauthorized access to your systems or devices. So, you stay secured and all the data remains protected. An incredible tool!

  • No Trapping in Victim Scam
  • Yes, this can create serious panic when addressed. This trap is not unusual and thus we try to make people aware of one single tip. Do not get trapped in scammer’s tricks to fool you and loot expensive amounts from your pockets. Be confident and address these technical issues smartly. Do not get scared rather give them back by seeking tech support.

Sometimes, you may be capable of tackling small attacks on your own and that is commendable indeed but mostly these cybercriminals are ten times better in spreading the whole trap. We advise you to take an expert’s help. Secure your software and prevent expensive risks ahead.

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